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Water Well Testing

Are you curious about your water quality? At KSR Engineering we sample your water source for over 50 physical and chemical parameters.

Septic System Inspections

KSR Engineering offers you an impartial site inspection and system evaluation completed by a Professional Engineer at competitive prices.

Engineering Services

We offer a variety of technical and professional engineering services for on-site water and wastewater systems.

Four chemicals we advise testing for:

In addition to e. coli., these four chemicals are important to remove by treatment if they are found above acceptable levels in your well water

This nutrient can come from a few different sources, but the two largest culprits are agriculture and on-site sewage (septic) systems. The Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standard for nitrate is 10 mg/L due to the risk of exposure particularly for infants of methemoglobinemia or “blue baby syndrome”. 

Fluoride is naturally occurring in some groundwater deposits, and is also added to municipal drinking water at concentrations between 0.6-0.8 mg/L for the prevention of tooth decay. The Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standard for fluoride is of 1.5 mg/L. Tests results above 1.5 mg/L must be reported to the local health department. 

Arsenic is naturally occurring in some groundwater deposits including hard rock areas (e.g. Canadian Shield), and is a known carcinogen.  Arsenic poisoning is the unfortunate culprit of the largest mass poisoning in history, due to unwittingly contaminated tube wells in Bangladesh.

This heavy metal has a famous past, and in present-day is characterized as poison. Lead becomes present in drinking water in Canada as a result of corrosion of lead solder, lead containing brass fittings or lead pipes. Lead poisoning occurred recently in Flint, Michigan after switching to a more corrosive water source: the Flint River. 


"Kathryn worked as a Water and Sanitation Engineer on our team at H2O4ALL in 2020 and supported our international programs bringing safe water to people who need it most. Kathryn's creative attitude combined with her technical expertise in the area of water management and sanitation was a great asset to have on our team"
Timothy Muttoo, P.Eng., MPH
Co-Founder, H2O4ALL
"In my time as the outreach coordinator for OOWA, Kathryn has been a proactive member. Working with the association’s External Relations Committee, Kathryn supported our efforts in working with the MOECP to improve the ECA approvals process and she also presented on her work with WSP’s re-inspection programs at our annual convention and expo for two consecutive years. It’s dedicated individuals like Kathryn who will move the onsite wastewater forward and who will contribute to an increase in the industry’s standard of practice."
Mike Gibbs
Outreach Co-ordinator, Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
"I met Kathryn at OOWA, when we worked together on the External Relations Committee. She also stepped up and presented at an OOWA event to share her experience on a decentralized wastewater project. She is a great communicator, and an asset to any team!"
Trish Johnson
Independent Consultant
Septics Inspected
Wetlands Tested
Septic Reports Issued
Schools Tested

For over a decade now I have been committed to one cause: helping people get clean water through engineering best practices. 

I believe that through the promotion of proper usage and maintenance practices I can help Ontarians get the most from their septics. 

I believe every human being has a right to safe drinking water. I believe you have the right to know what’s in your water. 

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Certificate of Authorization – Professional Engineers Ontario

Professional Engineer

Ontario Building Code – Designer/Inspector

Bachelor of Engineering

Proud Member of the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce